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With a few exceptions, most magazines do not have a classified section, only display ads which are fewer in number and advertorials . However the advertising rates in these magazines remains fairly high and only well funded companies can afford to pay for the advertising. Due to the relentless hacking by NTRO officials of computers, laptops of small business owners, professionals in India using hitech equipment, many prefer to read offline, where they are less likely to be harassed, unlike online where data is very likely to be manipulated, computers hacked and the internet user tortured using radiation weapons causing great pain. Also internet connection is likely to be extremely slow during the day in many places in India.
Many wealthy individuals do not use computers and internet extensively, as they can be framed, held guilty for the action of a hacker who controls the computer. Hence the magazine advertising is a good way to reach wealthy and high net worth individuals
India Today
Business India
Outlook Business
Outlook Money
Electronics for You
Power Watch
Womans Era
Inside Outside
Consumer Voice
Goa Today
Readers digest

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