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While newspaper, television and magazine advertising is well documented, other advertising methods like flyers, outdoor advertising, free samples, radio advertising, exhibitions and trade shows, are increasingly popular because of their specific advantages. online advertising is not popular especially in goa because the sex bribe taking ntro officials having sex with google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi, or associated with fraud housewife R&AW/CBI employees like brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, naina, veena, ruchika are ruthless in torturing computer and internet users causing great pain, memory loss.

For example flyers in newspapers are popular for marketing a local service like a restaurant, gym, salon, training for children, as a specific locality can be targetted. In most cities, the residents in some posh areas are wealthy and a small business owner or professional may prefer to target only the residents of that area, because they have more purchasing power instead of a newspaper ad. Paper flyers are also distributed in areas where a large number of people are passing, for example at the entrance to the vegetable market.

While outdoor advertising was always popular, it appears that in some areas it has become extremely popular. For example a few years ago at the rickshaw stand in a posh area of panaji, goa there were almost no outdoor ads. In 2016, there are at least 5-8 signboards and ads promoting hotels, room rentals, nurseries and similar services in the area. This appears to be a cost effective way of advertising as there is no one to monitor or charge any money, just the cost of making the signboard or advertisement and installing it.

Free samples are another popular way of promoting a product or service. For example with the Sunday Times of India, 31,July 2016, a free sample trial pack of Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall Shampoo, Royal Jelly and Lavender was also distributed attached to the supplement. One of the advantages of subscribing to Femina is that a large number of free samples are provided. There are a large number of shampoos, face creams and similar products available, and a potential customer may not know about it or try it. Providing a small amount of a free sample is a quick way of ensuring that a large number of consumers at least try the product.

Marketing agencies are always looking for new methods of promoting their product or service and unconventional methods are appreciated.

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